Pranic Healing Dhyanasrm

The pranic healing  is a registered charitable institution *, established in  North Paravoor  by Dr.  K.D. Pradeep  with the intention of promoting health care  through holistic healing. It aims to introduce  Pranic Healing, Naturopathy and Yoga  to every taluk in the state of Kerala and to set up holistic healing and Meditation centres where people will have access to an easy and effective system that promotes  Health  and  Spirituality .

Dr. K. D. Pradeep  is a renounced therapist, Healer and a Counselor and former Managing trustee of Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust - Cochin. For over two decades, he has devoted his life in helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities and heal their bodies and minds.  He  has pioneered the development of Pranic Immuno Therapy (PIT) for  Cancer  that was found to be effective for patients with  Cancer  (non-advanced).

Pranic Healing Dhyanasrm  provides wellness not only for the physical and mental aspects of your life, but also provides wellness in your spiritual, social and economical aspects also.

Pranic Healing Dhyanasrm  provides services and  workshops  on  personal empowerment alternate healing methods  and  advanced meditation techniques . We are starting a holistic healing hospital where people can stay and take treatments for their health issues through Pranic Healing, Naturopathy, Yoga and Physiotherapy.

Dhyanasrm - Milestones
  • 1989 - Started as a Natural Healing Centre  in  North Paravoor
  • 1990 - Started Pranic Healing clinic for the first time in India with the blessings and encouragement from  Master Choa Kok Sui at kalamasherri
  • 1996 - Shifted to  Mannam  with  nature healing yoga Pranic Pealing Meditation  and Pranic Healing Research Center
  • 2003 - Dr. K.D Pradeep was honoured with "Father George Koloth Award" as "The Best Pranic Healer"
  • 2009 - Dr. K.D Pradeep was promoted as trainer for Arhatic Yoga, Pranic Crystalhealing and Psychic Self-Defense in All India Yogavidya Pranic Healing Trust.
  • 2010 - Dr. K.D Pradeep become the managing trustee of Pranic Healing Dhyanasrm
  • 2014 - Mrs.Elsy Pradeep was honoured with  "Father George Koloth Award"  as "The Best Pranic Healer"
  • 11-05-2014 - Foundation stone laid for Dhyanasrm's Health Home

Dr. K.D. Pradeep's special passion is to make the  world  a better place by assisting individuals, captain their own destinies, whether that means directing their focus to achieve their goals or  relieving emotional distress . Through the years he has persevered in giving his energy and resources to those in need. Through his Energy Healing methodology and other Healing Modalities, Dr. K.D. Pradeep has enabled people to achieve personal and professional mastery.

He practices his art in  India Dubai  and  United States of America .

Our other healing centers
1. Yogavidhya Pranic healing center , Shoba road, Edapally Toll junction.
2. Kumar Pranic healing Center , Nayarambalam, Ph. 0484 2493544

* (Reg. No.:264/IV/06)